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Pratham POS:
User Benefits Summary

Experience simplicity and excellence with Pratham POS,
as we offer an uncomplicated overview of our unparalleled solutions.

  • Linkly Integration
  • Multiple Terminals
  • Surcharge For The Whole Day
  • Order Synchronization
  • Theme Color Options
  • Major Banks EFTPOS Integration

Versatile Pratham POS

Unleash Possibilities with Pratham POS

Restaurant POS System

Elevate your restaurant's efficiency with seamless order management and enhanced customer experience.

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Beauty Salon POS System

Revolutionize your salon with our advanced POS system. Effortless, efficient, stylish!

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BarberShop POS System

Elevate your BarberShop: sleek POS for effortless appointments and style!

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All Major EFTPOS Payments Integration

We've got all your payments methods covered

What Pratham POS Provides You?

Empowering Businesses with Seamless Operations: Discover the Pratham POS Advantage

Better Inventory Management

Enhance efficiency with Pratham POS, delivering superior inventory management for optimized business.

Simple Invoicing & Quick Payments

Streamline your invoicing and expedite payments with Pratham POS – simplicity meets rapid transactions.

Access to Real Time

Unlock real-time insights with Pratham POS, providing instant access to crucial business data effortlessly.

Track Real Time Business Operations

Effortlessly track real-time business operations with Pratham POS for enhanced visibility and control.

Increase Employee Work Efficiency

Boost employee work efficiency with Pratham POS, empowering your team for increased productivity and success.

Why Choose Pratham POS?

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Tailored Solutions for Every Business Need

Pratham (Offline Suite)

Tailored POS Solutions

  • Locally Installed System
  • Track Business Operations
  • No Active Intenet Required
  • Low Membership Charges

Pratham (Cloud Suite)

Streamlined Management Solutions

  • Locally Installed System
  • Track Business Operations
  • Cloud Enabled System
  • 15+ Advance Features and Reports

Pratham (Franchise Suite)

Scalable Business Solutions

  • Locally Installed System at every store
  • Track Business Operation & Revenue
  • Cloud Enabled System
  • 15+ Advance Features and Reports

What Our Clients Say


Pratham POS boosts GreenOak with its swift, user-friendly system. Enhanced order processing and seamless inventory management ensure efficient service and ingredient tracking. A game-changer for us!


At 'Hair to Hair,' Pratham POS streamlines tasks with intuitive design and quick checkout, including an appointment scheduler—enhancing efficiency, customer flow, and overall salon experience.


Pratham POS brings vibrant efficiency to Color Crew Salon! Seamless color inventory management and transactions with an intuitive design elevate our salon operations. A perfect match for Color Crew!


Pratham POS elevates the salon experience at Made Haircare! Streamlined appointments, product sales, transactions, and inventory with an intuitive design. A perfect partner for modern salons!


Pratham POS transformed Sweet Inspiration, streamlining transactions, offering insights, and exceeding expectations. A comprehensive solution for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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