Our Architecture

Holistic Business Ecosystem Components

Unveiling the Key Elements of our Unified Business Infrastructure for Seamless Operations and Enhanced Connectivity.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is a web app component with a user interface. It allows Admin Users to manage CRUD master entities (Store, Product, Price, etc.) and view all business reports about registered stores.

Employee Portal

This innovative platform streamlines operations, boosts communication, enhances collaboration, fosters teamwork, and empowers your team, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in the retail environment.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a publicly accessible web app, enabling customers to purchase products and schedule appointments at their chosen store, enhancing user convenience in a seamless online environment.

Booking Dashboard

The Booking Dashboard is available as a web or desktop application, seamlessly integrated with a POS interface. It functions as a real-time online component tightly linked to a dedicated booking web service.

API Gateway

It functions as a crucial barrier between the user interface and backend components. Technically, it acts as the single secured endpoint for all UI requests that need to be sent to a server.

Master Data Service

The web service is responsible for performing CRUD operations on master data entities like Store and Product, managing Create, Update, Read, and Delete processes for seamless data management.

POS (Point of Sale)

The Point of Sale (POS) is a store-based desktop UI, allowing users to generate service invoices and manage sales offline. It syncs with the cloud at set intervals or upon user request.

System Architecture Overview

Navigating Through the Blueprint of Seamless Operations: Unveiling Integration, Scalability, and Reliability for Enhanced Performance.

  • Integration
  • Scalability
  • Reliability

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