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Simplify head office operations.

Monitor franchise performance with Pratham Business Suite for real-time sales and inventory insights across all stores. Easily apply business intelligence to implement new products or price promotions in-store through cloud-based convenience.

Scale with ease, not cost.

Pratham Franchise Business Suite simplifies model replication. Easily clone and deploy stores remotely, reducing infrastructure costs with no servers or networks to maintain. Compatible with existing POS hardware, saving capital

Help your franchisees succeed.

Elevate turnover, prevent stockouts with advanced inventory management. Identify top customers, enhance loyalty. Benchmark franchisee performance, track real-time sales, manage staff targets for efficient operations and sustained growth.

Finally, a Solution franchisee will love.

Pratham is loved by retailers for its simplicity and elegance. With a modern, easy-to-use interface, Pratham is beautiful, functional & built to the latest web standards. All you need to run Vend is a web browser, so it works with any device - Mac, PC, iPad or Android.

Pratham Business Suite Admin Portal

Supervise Sales Agents

Admin oversees sales team, assigning roles and ensuring streamlined operations for optimal performance and accountability.

Monitors Transactions

Real-time monitoring of transactions for enhanced visibility into sales activity and financial transactions analytics.

Manage Inventory

Efficiently manage products and inventory by adding, editing, or removing items to maintain accurate stock levels.

Add Promotions

Establish and adjust rewards and special offers to incentivize customer loyalty and drive sales growth effectively.


Create and manage advertisements to promote products, special offers, and events for increased visibility and sales.

Modify Transaction

Flexibility to modify transactions if needed, ensuring accurate records and addressing any potential discrepancies promptly.

Monitor Dashboard

Access the comprehensive Dashboard to track and analyze store performance, sales trends, and key metrics efficiently.

Pratham Business Suite Customer Portal

Appointment Scheduler

Schedule appointments at listed stores; notifications and calendars update, displaying available slots for seamless customer booking.


Customers using a website can make reservations, view their transaction history, and buy things after creating an account and logging in.


Customers receive timely email notifications about available rewards and offers, and they can conveniently access them within their accounts.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Need

  • Locally Installed system.
  • Track Business Operations.
  • Low Membership Charges.

  • Locally Installed system.
  • Track Business Operations.
  • Cloud Enabled System.
  • 15+ Advance Features and Reports.

  • Locally Installed system at your each store.
  • Track Business Operations & revenue.
  • Cloud Enabled System.
  • 15+ Advance Features and Reports.